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EssenceTheme has been designed with a focus on powerful added functionality, easy control and an overall simple and stylish appearance. This approach features the uniquely beautiful EssenceTheme Customizer.

Built on to the standard WordPress Customizer, EssenceTheme adds a warm and friendly appearance, a large special functionality and a top-down designed workflow that should make setting up the theme easy and intuitive.

The Color Palette

Starting at the top category, Color Palette, we can quickly add our color scheme to the entire site.
Let’s setup the color palette here ➡


Here we can setup the basic branding for the site. This covers the site title and tagline, the small icon in the browser tab and the main logo for the site.
We can set our site branding here ➡


The unique Customizer provided with this theme gives us a large number of options for the typography of all aspects of the website. This covers the standard font, size and color settings, but stretches into placement, overrides and special relationships between typography elements.
We can set all things text-related in the Customizer here

Home/Front Page

Here we can define and adjust the “Home” and “Front” pages.
Find out the details here ➡

Home Page Header Background

Here we can setup the page header for the “Home” and “Front” pages. 
Let’s learn how to get the most out of the Home page header background ➡

Body & Content Backgrounds

Here we can setup the background for the body and the main content area. Learn how to make the website look more interesting and artistic with background images here ➡

Footer SettingsTheme Setup: 

Add, remove and edit content in the footer, plus set the color. Footer settings instructions are here ➡


The widget controls in the Customizer are exactly the same as those provided by WordPress, with the exception of the footer widget areas. Head here for in fo on the footer widget areas ➡

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