Category: EssenceTheme Detail

Theme Setup: The Color Palette

Starting at the top category, Color Palette, we can quickly add our color scheme to the entire site. Here we define the color palette used for the entire website. Sticking to one simple color palette creates an enjoyable and professional look. The colors we choose will automatically be assigned to backgrounds, text and other elements.…  More

Theme Setup: Typography

The unique Customizer provided with this theme gives us a large number of options for the typography of all aspects of the website. This covers the standard font, size and color settings, but stretches into placement, overrides and special relationships between typography elements. Body Typography As it sounds, here we can set up the font,…  More

Theme Setup: Home Page Header Background

Here we can setup the page header for the “Home” and “Front” pages. Note: All font settings for the page head area are found in the Typography section. Click “Add new image” to upload an image from your computer. This theme works best with an image with a header size of 1280 × 720 pixels — we will be able to…  More

Body & Content Backgrounds

Here we can setup the background for the body and the main content area.  An image selected in the “Background Image” control will become the main background image for the entire page. We can set “Background Attachment” to “Fixed” to make the image stay put while the user scrolls creating a parallax effect. Other setting…  More